Intervista al Breshears String Quartet

What is the first music related memory in your life that comes to your mind?

Dustin Breshears. Hearing an orchestra live the first time. 

Starla Breshears. Playing in the park has a break from watching a youth orchestra rehearsal. 

Valery Breshears. Can’t remember. 

Colin Breshears. Same.

When did you realize that you were good at what you were doing and that this activity would occupy an important part of your life?

Dustin. When I was seven years old and I won the first competition I ever tried. 

Starla. I have always been told I was good and talented and I was winning competitions for a long time and it seemed that everyone around me assumed I’ll do music for a career and I like that and understand why. 

Valery. Since the age of eight, I realize that I was pretty good at what I did, and I enjoyed it, and I knew it was an important part of my life. 

Colin. When I first started being with kids that were around my age, instead of being with my older siblings. 

Were there times when you wanted to quit everything and change direction?

Dustin. N/a

Starla. Only when I was much younger, maybe age 3 or 4

Valery. Absolutely not!

Colin. Yes!

What is the most exciting moment you remember from your musical career?

Dustin. Going to play concerts in Argentina.

Starla. Probably the first time I performed when I was thinking analytically as I was playing. 

Valery. The first time I was invited somewhere internationally to a music festival in Iguazu, Argentina when I was 7. 

Colin. Flying to Georgia with my viola teacher to compete in a national viola competition. I won first place. 

Can you tell us what you like about your brothers playing and why did you decide to form your own string Quartet?

Dustin. My siblings are musical, and each has their own style of playing. It was fun to be able to play chamber music and then eventually quartets together. 

Starla. I like that I know my siblings playing styles so well that I can anticipate what they’ll do and support it with my musical lines. 

Valery. I enjoy playing with my brothers and sisters, because I know not only their weaknesses, but also their strengths. 

Colin. I like that they can tune my viola for me. 

Is there a piece of music that you were particularly attached to? Would you like to tell us what it is and how come?

Dustin. Beethoven violin Concerto. It is my favorite piece for violin.

Starla. I love the Brahms second string sextet, because it was the first piece I played at the first boarding camp I went to. It holds a lot of good memories for me. 

Valery. I have been particularly attached to Shostakovich’s seventh string Quartet, because it was the first big leap we took as a group, and this is one of my favorite string quartets Shostakovich wrote. 

Colin. I really like the Bach suites. I remember hearing my sister Starla, playing the cello suites, and now I can play them on viola. 

Do you have any other passions besides playing your instrument?

Dustin. I like to collect vintage recordings on vinyl for my record collection. 

Starla. Music is definitely the center of my life and honestly I just like being around people as much as I can and being around non-musicians. 

Valery. For the past two years, I have been very into playing chess. Chess clears my mind of everything as well as strengthens my intellectual ideas and decisions.

Colin. I like my stuffed animal sea cows, and making origami. 

Do you listen to other kinds of music besides what you play? If so, which ones?

Dustin. Pre-war Soviet jazz!

Starla. I do listen to other types of music, which I have a lot of respect for. I listen to K-pop pop, Latin pop, and J pop because I like the way the songs make me feel.

Valery. I almost never listen to anything other than classical music. Sometimes I listen to rock or pop to get a rise out of my older brother!

Colin. Sometimes I listen to what Starla listens to. 

Is there a record – of any genre – that you would recommend everyone listen to?

Dustin. Anything with Heifetz. 

Starla. I would recommend listening to Here Comes the Sun. It’s very main stream, but it makes you feel good whenever you hear it.

Valery. I recommend everyone listen to Schubert’s tonight at her violin and piano in a major I believe this is a piece that will make you feel happy and innocent and anyone will enjoy it. 

Colin. I like Bruno Giuranna’s recording of Schubert’s Arpeggione!

What is the book you will read this summer?

Dustin. The Kreutzer Sonata by Tolstoj.

Starla. Don’t know.

Valery. I’m really not sure.

Colin. Same.